Alaska Meadery

Alaska Meadery is a sincere illustration of Denali Brewing’s creative drive paired with their commitment and love of the craft. Not confined in set boundaries, our brewers are some of the most innovative folks.  They are constantly exploring the multi-faceted world of fermentation, never content to leave well enough alone.

The art of fermenting honey, water and yeast is an ancient form of alcoholic beverage and has been traced back thousands of years. Quickly gaining widespread popularity, mead has been thought of as the nectar of the gods, an enhancement of virility and known for its aphrodisiac qualities.   And just like the Norse who considered mead a mythical drink for smart people, the staff at Denali Brewing understood the next, most logical step.

It was a serendipitous time when Mike Kiker, meadmeister, owner of Celestial Meads and friend to Denali Brewing was ready to retire. Denali Brewing purchased Mike’s winery in the spring of 2016 and launched Alaska Meadery.  Kiker, one of the world’s utmost respected and awarded mazers, happily bestowed his reputation and knowledge to Alaska Meadery, guiding them in integrating award winning meads into their brewery alongside Denali’s award-winning beers. Alaska Meadery is dedicated to honoring Mikes’ legacy and carrying on his tradition of creating excellent meads.

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Pouring a deep ruby color, the Razzery is a delightful semi sweet mead made with pure honey and a wonderful combination of raspberries, sour cherries and apples. This delightful wine has a dense fruitiness, dominated by raspberries with a slight tartness, lingering honey sweetness and balanced finish.


Pouring golden copper and made with pure honey, whole coriander and bitter orange peel, the Belgique is a beautifully crafted sweet mead. The spices are well blended with its robust honey flavor, and a hint of orange comes through in the middle like a sweet marmalade. A sweet wine with a warming, dry finish, this mead is a nice change of pace.

Pink Guava Sparkling Session Mead

The Pink Guava Sparkling Session Mead has a delicate nose that pairs the aroma of pink guava and orange blossom honey. Semi-sweet and refreshing with a lite finish, it is exceedingly sessionable. This sparkling mead evokes the feeling of the tropics and conjures warm days even on the coldest nights.

Ambrosia Sparkling Session Mead

The Nectar of the Gods. Carried on the wings of doves out of Palmer, Alaska’s Bleeding Heart Brewery, this collaboration Sparkling Session Mead presents a delicate balance of orange and lemon blossom honey. Lightly carbonated with a white wine yeast to contribute a round, soft, floral palate, and elevated with the inclusion of whole lemon, this refreshing concoction is sure to tantalize.

Stoked Sparkling Session Mead

This Stoked dry sparkling session mead is a collaboration between Alaska Meadery and Stoked Beekeeping Company. Wildflower Honey from Homer, AK. Strong floral aroma with jasmine and white flower being persistent. A semi-dry mouthfeel with a delicate finish. Pouring a light sand color with a steady stream of tiny bubbles filling the glass. Perfect for a fire on the beach or lazy days on the water, or those summer nights on the deck!

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Your mead is shipping from a remote Alaskan town.
Please expect a 5 to 7 day delay in quoted shipping time.